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Expertise, experience and excellence for your peace of mind

The right people at
the right time
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Pete Surma


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Pete’s fourth decade in the industry gives clients great advantage in calling on his experience and knowledge in how commissions are approached and executed. His personable manner also allows for an assured execution of work – and confidence in his purchasing skills – with clients relaxed in the knowledge that projects are more than just safe in the company’s hands. No matter how diverse, technically challenging, or how tight a deadline, Pete helps to deliver all the time.

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Simon Regan


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Simon Regan is a reputable photographer and videographer based in Wales. Escape Once More have worked with Simon over a number years on a regular basis to deliver both corporate photography and documentary video for a number of our clients. He's a true professional and loves his tech - from his latest video kit to his digital lighting set ups to his multi-screen workstation, Simon loves pressing buttons and is the nicest gentleman you could wish to meet.

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Martin Williams


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Eagle-eyed Martin has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. He’s a fast, accurate and creative designer with boundless energy and an obsessive attention to detail when populating and detailing client projects. His skills extend from the conventional/‘old school’ yet respected ‘design for print’ projects to contemporary/digital platform executions that are becoming increasingly popular. His abilities really are enviable and his singing harmonies are not that bad either.

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Jim O'Connor


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Jim has written copy for a wide range of clients – everything from major global brands to specialist micro businesses and everything in between. His work spans advertising, web content, brochures and print, email campaigns, blogging and social media, video scripts and case studies. His experience includes FMCG, public sector, B2B, leisure and hospitality, financial and professional, utilities and pharma.

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The dream team

The core team here is a small band of grown-up professionals who know the industry inside out. Over the years we’ve built up excellent relationships with talented and experienced creative people - copywriters, videographers, editors, designers, photographers, translators, web builders, printers and print finishers, stand designers and contractors.

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This gives us the flexibility to create a “dream team” for each project. You have the best people working on your job – not the people we happen to have on the payroll at this time. It also means you aren’t subsidizing the wages of those not working on your project (or paying the overheads of a big office to accommodate them).

Pulling these project teams together, providing the unifying creative direction and ensuring that due attention is paid to the commercial practicalities, is a skill in itself  – this is where the in-house Escape team add even more value.

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Brand development
and logo design

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Creative design for brochures, magazines and reports

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Print production
and buying

Advertising campaigns,

including creative concepts, art direction and copywriting

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Exhibition stand design, build and project management

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Exhibition graphics
and photography

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Web design and build

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Virtual tour

We are experts in all these disciplines and have many years of hard-won experience. Equally important, we have the project management capabilities to pull everything together perfectly... but if you want to work with uber-cool hipsters we’re probably not your first choice (or second…). If, however, you want a team whose experience covers not just digital but also print and traditional advertising, smart creativity but none of the flaky temperament that usually comes too, the ability to understand your unique challenge and the project management skills to deliver when your life depends upon it, get in touch.

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