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PCI Pharma Services


In 2011 we started working with Penn Pharma Services and that relationship has continued now the company has become part of PCI Pharma Services, a world-leading provider of services to the pharmaceutical industry - everything from early stage development of drugs, through clinical trials to commercial launch, manufacturing and packaging. The wide range of projects we’ve completed for the global organisation includes the design and production of corporate brochures, interactive presentations, ‘general’ and 360º interactive walk-through photography as well as major free-build exhibition stands for international industry events.

Top pics
PCI Exhibition RED.jpg

Exhibition design
and build

PCI Exhibition COL.jpg
PCI Square_Brochure CROP RED.jpg

Corporate Brochures

PCI Square_Brochure CROP COL.jpg
PCI Photography RED.jpg

Corporate Photography

PCI Photography COL.jpg
PCI strip.jpg
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Escape offers us the broad set of skills we need, but within a small and highly responsive team that’s a joy to work with and always delivers. It’s rare to find such a combination of creative talent, technical expertise and commercial pragmatism under one roof.


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Solution 1
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Exhibition design & build

“We regularly participate in industry trade shows and rely on Escape to create and design the necessary collateral for us. In 2022 we took a stand at the major European CPhl event in the Frankfurt Messe. This was a multi-thousand pound production covering facilities management and project direction, design and construction of a 224sq metre stand, purchasing and logistics, LED walling, interactive Pufferfish display with video graphics as well as the supply of some staff and standby services, all of which had to be assembled and working perfectly with just four days on site! The end result was hugely impressive and I’m so grateful for Escape’s outstanding organisational capabilities and exceptional creative talents.”

PCI Pharma_CPhI_Barcelona_05.jpeg
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Solution 2

Corporate brochures

“As innovators we constantly need new brochures and presentations to showcase our evolving products and services.  These are vital marketing tools for us but challenging to design and produce. They must be visually stunning and of the highest quality in order to create a lasting impression with potential clients that’s professional and credible. They also have to communicate complex messages with clarity and accuracy in ways that make it easy for people to digest. All of this has to be achieved within very strict corporate guidelines. Deadlines also tend to be tight as publication generally needs to coincide with product launches, industry events or corporate acquisitions. Escape has the rare combination of skills, everything from image manipulation expertise to interactive cloud document capabilities, to achieve all this and more, time and again. There’s no fuss, every query receives an intelligent response and whenever there’s an issue they’ll come up with sensible and imaginative solutions.”

PCI A4 Mag Covers SML.jpg
01-brochure-square-mockup-free-version SML.jpg
PCI Square 210_Brochure_Mockup_1.jpg

Click on the image below to open the interactive file in a pop-up window.

Solution 3
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_DSC7094 ALT SML.jpg

Corporate photography

“Visual storytelling is a big part of our brand building and marketing activities and the team at Escape play an essential role in this. Over the years they’ve created everything from high quality display sized imagery on the walls across a number of our sites to a huge range of images that bring our brochures to life. It also includes the interactive 3D walkthrough tours of one of our UK sites - capturing the space in a virtual format it scores very highly with potential clients and quality auditors. The walkthrough works in conjunction with the various videos, showcasing our different processes and practices that Escape have produced for us. These resources, hosted on the website platform they have created, means that site visits can be conducted virtually rather than in person, saving us a huge amount of time and money. Escape’s attention to detail, practical professionalism and technical competence means they always deliver to the highest standards.”

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