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Where’s the proof that we genuinely deliver?

Spencer David


Spencer David is a strategic communications consultancy based in the UK. An integrated public relations consultancy, they offer all the key disciplines needed for a complete communications campaign - from public relations and crisis communications to media relations and public affairs. They also provide event management and video production and a range of online and on-site communications training courses, including media training.

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Expert print buying

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Interactive docs

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Our relationship with Escape has spanned many years and I guess they are probably our longest serving supplier. However, having worked with them for so long, they have never been complacent about anything we ask of them and always deliver with a professional and creative flare. They have continually lived up to and surpass the 'reliable partner' relationship we have, swiftly understanding our requirements and the sometimes very unusual requests we make of them!


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"As an event management company, we provide all types of collateral to support and deliver our offering. This collateral includes printed literature and displays, and Escape have been unfailing in the years we have dealt with them to help us do this. Whether a backdrop for an event or specific product display material, they always do a great job of getting key messages across in an eye-catching way. Equally important to this is their ability in interpreting our briefs and coming back with solutions that present the messaging in simple but attention-grabbing ways. A recent project completed for Government evidenced these skills in record time. Their project management is excellent too. No matter how challenging the situation they just calmly take everything in their stride – they really are a breath of fresh air!”

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Solution 2
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Expert print buying

"Escape’s print buying abilities have saved us a lot of time and money- they obviously have some great contacts and relationships because their fees certainly don’t reflect typical agency rates for print sourcing! Quality is exceptional too – they have so many years’ experience in print production and creative design I’m confident nothing but the highest standards will satisfy them. Whether we’ve asked them to design and create original collateral from scratch, or have supplied them with final files, the results are always superb. They are enthusiastic and helpful, always delivering within the deadline. Hat’s off to them!"

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Solution 3

Interactive Cloud documents

“We had seen several interactive brochure/document projects Escape had completed and presented to us and were very impressed. The medium really appealed reflecting our own sustainable credentials. We therefore tasked Escape to supply us with a resource for a new customer - a US based medical products company.  With numerous agents across the globe, we had to supply several of them with a Cloud based brochure promoting a specific product and service. These were completed in several languages with very considered, streamlined navigational properties and, embedded video. Each brochure delivered all and much more as a product marketing tool. The capability of embedding the code of the brochures into the body of the agents' websites was also a huge plus and with the ability of updating the Cloud based files without any disruption to the agents or their IT departments was equally impressive. They delivered the project by the deadline and the whole concept works brilliantly. We are strict in upholding client confidentiality and therefore cannot visually evidence this actual project. We do however, show another example to deliver this particular discipline of our work. 

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