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St David's Hall


St David’s Hall is a performing arts and conference venue in the heart of Cardiff and also the National Concert Hall of Wales. It hosts the biennial BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition along with some of the world’s finest international orchestras as part of the Cardiff Classical Series of events - about 18 classical concerts taking place each year.

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Season brochures

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Print & digital

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Outdoor advertising

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It’s hard to give Escape adequate praise. They have an amazing ability to appreciate our needs and then exceed our expectations. Everything is delivered exactly as promised, on time and on budget…even under budget on occasions! The finished product is of the very highest quality, the team are an absolute pleasure to work with and they make my life so much easier – I wish I had more superlatives I could lavish on them!


Solution 1

Season brochures

“For the past 13 years Escape have created the annual brochures to promote our International Concert Series. They continue to do so, having rebranded the series as Cardiff Classical. It’s a very challenging project requiring them to collate and organise a mass of information from a variety of different sources. They then have to fit all this into a tight document in a way that is well structured, visually appealing and easy to digest. They have to achieve this, while working with our translator, in super-quick time!  To make matters even more awkward a lot of the content has to work in other marketing collateral – they have to think way ahead, and be very creative, to avoid any resizing and retouching issues. I’m amazed at the way they never fail to pull this off, producing a brilliant piece of work, ahead of deadline!”

SDH A4 Photorealistic Magazine MockUp 2.jpg
SDH Free A4 Mag 3.jpg
SDH free-a4-brochure-mockup-3.jpg

Click on the image below to open the interactive file in a pop-up window.

Solution 2

Print & digital advertising

“Escape is very adept at repurposing the content from the season brochure to produce multiple promotional ads for the individual concerts. These range from full pages in colour magazines to digital billboards around Cardiff city centre. They also create files for online advertising for targeted social media, web banner ads and MPUs. They have an excellent understanding of the various platforms, always get the production spot on and know exactly the best ways of reaching our audiences. Whilst we have expert media planning resources in place we do throw the very odd ‘advert curveball’ at the Escape team – they never flinch, and just do it. Amazing!”

SDH Advert mockups bundle 10.jpg
SDH newspaper ad-mockup-7607.jpg
Solution 3
SDH Subway 9.jpg

Outdoor advertising

“The media schedule for promoting our Cardiff Classical series of concerts includes a range of outdoor platforms to promote single and multiple concert events. This can pose technical challenges when we have a very small image that needs blowing up many times over to fit a 48 sheet poster! Escape’s management of files and their enviable skills in retouching have got us out of a hole more often than not! I never cease to be amazed at their almost miraculous ability to create high quality imagery from what can be deemed as less than adequate originals!”

SDH Bus Stop Ad.jpg
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